This month we asked our team what the most impactful professional training takeaway they’ve had is and how it has impacted their work/life

Whitney shares the most impactful professional training takeaway she’s had and how it has impacted her work/life:

Whitney, Aspires Personal Lines Account Specialist

Here at Aspire, we participate in a handful of training courses to stay educated for our clients and ourselves.  

One of my favorite training courses so far has been with Agency Performance Partners. The training was on how to plan your day and prioritize. I have focused on planning each day to be better for our clients, my teammates, and myself.  

Making sure I start my day by checking my calendar for meetings that I have throughout my day and how many tasks I have that day. Then I let our team know what I have going on for the day. I prioritize the top three things that are going to be most challenging or take the longest and push myself to finish that before I start something new. I like to start my morning by completing the phone calls that I need to make for the day. Then through the rest of my day, I work on completing tasks that I have and try to plan for the upcoming days!  

This training had a substantial impact on me. I have been doing this process for about a year now and it has helped significantly. I highly recommend it if you are struggling to plan and prioritize your day!  


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