This month we asked our team what sets Aspire apart from other insurance agencies:

Beth shares what sets Aspire apart:

I love this question because what I hear 99% of agencies say is:  “Great customer service/ personalized services” or “we have dozens of insurance companies to shop.”  Here is the thing, if everyone is saying the same thing sets themselves apart, it’s not a differentiator anymore.

One thing I think sets Aspire apart is CULTURE.  The importance of culture is one of the reasons that Aspire was even started!  I had been in unhealthy agency cultures for 13 years and was ready to start something fresh and new – an agency that does not look like others where my team was my focal point, and my team’s focal point is our clients.

Beth DeLaForest, Aspire’s Founder and President

Important aspects of a culture I set out to create were freedom, I wanted my team to have flexibility, we started out with unlimited vacation in 2014!   I wanted my team to feel empowered, I wanted to see them make decisions on their own, I have no desire to micromanage, no one wins with micromanagement, and growth is stifled in these environments.  I wanted relationships to be healthy, in many agencies there is tension between sales and operations, one of our core values is team, and we have managed to keep a cohesive team that values both sales and operations as vital to all of our success.  Lastly, I wanted the leadership to feel different.  If you know anything about me, you know I am passionate about modern-day leadership.  I wanted to create an organization that prioritized our people, so no more top-down leadership.

When an organization is healthy, it shows, like a person…it has a glow about it from the inside out…that is Aspire. 


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