This month we asked our team about their favorite vendors Aspire uses

Kaitlyn tells us her favorite vendor Aspire uses and why:

Aspire uses many vendors as one of our core values is Innovation, and we are always working to streamline processes, gain knowledge, and better serve our clients. My favorite vendor we currently have is SALT.

SALT is a form submission program created for insurance agents to streamline their intake quoting process. We have tried MANY quote forms, but I had never been satisfied with them as they would create a roadblock to my next step in getting the information from the form to our rating system. SALT and our system talk together to make the process even better! This also helps us with our turnaround time with quotes to a client. We have them back within 24 hours of the first hello to the client.

Kaitlyn Jensen, Aspire’s Agency Manager

Having this tool at my fingertips takes me less than 5 minutes to ask the insurance questions, and then I am able to spend more time talking to the prospective client about their family or how their football team played on Sunday.

Another way SALT is my favorite is that we can create unique links for our Referral Partners. Aspire has grown purely from word of mouth since it started in 2014. This is also an opportunity to grow the relationship with our partners by expanding our offerings to better serve them and their clients. SALT has not only improved our internal efficiency but has also played a significant role in our business growth and our ability to provide excellent service to our clients and partners.


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