This month we asked our team about a product or service we have that others don’t know about

Kaitlyn shares about a service we have that others don’t know about:

Nobody knows we…  What is a product or service we have that others don’t know about? Share details.

Not many people know that as we are a full-service agency we also offer Home Warranty plans for the things insurance doesn’t cover. Any homeowner knows all too well that moment when the furnace stops working or your hot water heater breaks down. You may say, “How am I going to get this fixed? The warranty has run out or won’t cover the issue.” That is where this Home Warranty plan comes into play. You can spend less time worrying about the when and the hows and focus on making memories with your family.

Why choose Armadillo vs other warranty companies?

  • Transparency
  • Less Fine Print
  • Qualified and reputable service
  • Flexibility
  • 24/7 Support online and phone

If you happen to own rental properties you are in luck as Armadillo also offers coverage for rentals!

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