Recently, we asked our team about someone we are thankful for and why

Camille and Zaldy share about something they are thankful for:

I have so many people, things, and blessings to be thankful for in my life, but I want to extend my deepest appreciation to my mama. She’s more than just my mom; she’s my best friend, number one supporter, and cheerleader. She has stood by me since day one, sharing both my joys and frustrations. If I’m upset at someone, we’re both upset. If I’m happy, she feels happier for me. Her presence is what keeps me striving for a better future.


In life, one of the most important things is the strong connection we have with our family. I am always thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible gift of family.

I am thankful for them because they are my source of love and strength. Their constant care forms a strong foundation that supports me through life’s challenges. Every small act of love, along with the big ones, makes our shared warmth even greater.

They are always there to cheer me on, whether I’m succeeding or facing challenges. We genuinely celebrate each other’s achievements, turning even ordinary moments into joyful celebrations. We share good times with laughter, sweet moments that stay in our hearts, and important events that shape our story. We create a unique tale together.

Even with our differences, family embraces diversity and makes us stronger. Despite quirks and unique paths, we stand together. Navigating life’s complexities, we emerge more resilient.

Family is more than just a word; it’s a harmony of love and shared moments. Through thick and thin, laughter, and tears, I am incredibly fortunate to have a family that is, and always will be, my greatest source of love and support.


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